the Prophecy

On the 26th day of the year 19[redacted], Abu Yillah was born weighing in at [redacted] pounds and [redacted] ounces.

After all the celebrations and jubilations at the birth of this boy whom everyone believes will be their saviour, the midwife returns harbouring a sombre facial expression. She cautiously approach the new mother, carefully hands over the new born and says

I’m very sorry madam, but you have just given birth to a creative.

It’s very unfortunate but he will not grow up to be the lawyer you had hoped for, nor a doctor. He will excel in all subjects, and although he will be top of the class in maths and science, he will never take to be the type of engineer you and your husband dream of. He will however learn to engineer words in more ways that any of you can ever imagine. This gift will open up worlds for him even beyond his own belief paving a path into a world of moving pictures.

Alas, you may at first fail to see the bigger picture. You may compare him to his age-mates with their lovely wives, six children and big homes as he struggles with his marriage to a profession that many will refuse to consider a real job.

A poem is a lot like a moving image…

For a large part of his journey through adulthood, you may feel he has shamed you, even though you’ve always encouraged him to be himself (by ‘himself’ you mean lawyer/doctor) but you will love him anyway.

On the very small chance that, his love for the arts should ever make him into a household name, you will smile broadly as you proudly point out to your work colleagues “eheh… that is my son!” You will be a proud mother!

It might take some time, but he will make you a proud mother.

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