Abu B. Yillah is Creative Writing graduate who took up an interest in films during his time studying at Roehampton University London.

Upon completing his study, he worked a 'regular' job for two and half years, using that time to save up, purchase his first film kit, and writing & producing a pilot for a YouTube series. It was at this point that Abu got his first taste of success.

Failure is the first taste of Success!

Although he considered it a failure in retrospect, Abu was very pleased with his first venture into the creative world as it taught him some valuable lessons, i.e., the journey is marathon, not a sprint, and that you shouldn't embark on a £4m project if you've never worked on or be a part of a £400 or £4000 project.

Putting these lessons into practice, Abu now has an extensive creative portfolio including commissioned works for award-winning Youth Charity, Safer London, and one of the UK's leading poetry organisations, Spread the Word.

Address: London, England.

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